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Brand Builders take a unique approach to on-site demo activation:  we engage; we motivate and we sell!  Our management team interviews every Consumer Educators, ensuring each person is articulate, intelligent, dedicated and responsible.  We are the market leader because we then segment that staff by channel and ensure the RIGHT PERSON is scheduled in the RIGHT ACCOUNT and PROMOTING the RIGHT BRAND.

We understand the keys to a stunning, successful event – and we execute accordingly. We emphasize brand –and category – knowledge, affording a variety of Professional Development opportunities. Event arketing is part art, but it’s a lot of science.  We apply very real precision to our execution and then measure the effectiveness and sales results of our staff. Accountability is key. A performance-based pay system is the backbone in our compensation plan.

No event marketing company employs a team of managers who are more engaged, dedicated, and committed to excellence.


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All startups are vetted to give you all the data you need to make successful acquisitions.

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State of the art tracking

We developed a custom data solution, designed with our industry and clients in mind. You'll know exactly what's selling, the conversion rate, and which consumers are tuning into your brand (age range, ethnicity and male/female split.