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About Us

Maryland, DC, and Virginia’s Top Agency

We are how you Build a Brand. Brand Builders is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by consistently delivering the highest-quality, results-oriented services, utilizing articulate, dedicated and responsible tasters and brand ambassadors, who possess the utmost in professionalism, consummate brand knowledge and who positively impact consumers at all points of distribution, delivering measurable sales results.  Our clients recognize Brand Builders as the fore-thinker in our industry and innovators in the marketplace. 

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State-of-the-Art Data

We developed a custom data solution, designed with our industry and clients in mind. You'll know exactly what's selling, the conversion rate, and which consumers are tuning into your brand (age range, ethnicity and male/female split.).

We have You in Mind

Brand Builders approaches the relationship with our clients in a very unique way:  WE THINK LIKE A SUPPLIER (because Shannon Roberts used to be one), and we hold our fiduciary responsibilities top of mind.

Coverage Across the Region

From the Atlantic to the Alleghany Mountains as well as up and down the I-95 corridor and. every beltway in between.  We are staffed and ready to execute.

Photos of Every Event

Our team exceeds expectations when we deliver event photos:  table displays, shelf placement, case stackings. What else do you want to see?  We’ll ensure the event captures the attention of your brand teams and generates a “job well done” response!

Consulting and Great Ideas

Brand Builders management will engage in pre-event meetings, offer sound and innovative approaches to event execution, and participate in pre-event walk thrus.  We will set up; we will tear down. Oh, and we are great at creating award-winning special event displays.

Our Clients Love our Team

Ask them. The response will certainly be: “Brand Builders is the best.”  “I trust them to get it done and done right.”

Our People - The secret of our Success

Not everyone can be a Brand Builder. We know this because our managers conduct in-person interviews and screen our candidates personally. Brand Builders goes the extra mile to ensure the individuals staffing our events embody our five pillars: articulate, intelligent, dedicated, responsible with an attractive smile. We seek smiles that light up a room.

Once hired, every Consumer Educator (CE) completes a series of informative webinars to ensure they are well versed with the industry’s best practices and channel-specific protocols. And to further ensure Brand Builders exceeds our clients’ expectations, our CEs also participate in a Professional Development Session with one of our veterans. And finally, our team enjoys a performance-based compensation system. Turning in critical deliverables for every event is rewarded with bonus pay, and top performing contractors can earn regular increases to their hourly rate.

Excellence on a National Scale

Brand Builders is a founding member of The Association of Beverage Marketing Professionals – a first-of-its-kind association in support of elite marketing companies like Brand Builders.  The goal of The-BMP is to establish best practices throughout the United States, so suppliers and distributors recognize the members of The-BMP as the go-to agencies in their respective markets.  Members of The-BMP are committed to the highest quality standards for event execution, talent recruitment, and technological advancement of the programming and marketing of the beer, wine and spirits industry.  This Association is a cooperative of empowered business owners who are transcending the marketplace.

Are your ready to build your brand?