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Why Choose Brand Builders?

Brand Builders is the market leader because we understand the keys to a stunning, successful event – and we execute accordingly. Brand Builders contracts our staff using Shannon Roberts’ 5-pillars scale, ensuring top-quality talent, who are then segmented by channel. We emphasize brand –and category – knowledge, affording a variety of Professional Development opportunities. Event marketing is part art, but it’s a lot of science. We apply very real precision to our execution and then measure the effectiveness and sales results of our staff. Accountability is key. A performance-based pay system is the backbone of our compensation to our team, and no event marketing company employs a team of managers who are more engaged and dedicated to our overall commitment to excellence.


Our People the Secret of Our Success

Not everyone can be a Brand Builder. We know this because our managers conduct in-person interviews and screen our candidates personally. Brand Builders goes the extra mile to ensure the individuals staffing our events embody our five pillars: articulate, intelligent, dedicated, responsible with an attractive smile. We seek smiles that light up a room.

Once hired, every Consumer Educator (CE) completes a series of informative webinars to ensure they are well versed with the industry’s best practices and channel-specific protocols. And to further ensure Brand Builders exceeds our clients’ expectations, our CEs also participate in a Professional Development Session with one of our veterans.

And finally, our team enjoys a performance-based compensation system. Turning in critical deliverables for every event is rewarded with bonus pay, and top performing contractors can earn regular increases to their hourly rate.

Performance Reporting

Brand Builders built a completely customized database solution (STiLETTO) that specializes in providing meaningful reporting metrics: not just bottle sales, but conversion rates. Our reporting also includes demographics, ethnicity, male/female split and age ranges. Every module was developed with one goal: be of greater service to our suppliers, brands and our team. This cutting-edge tool provides reporting for clients: by any date, by every SKU, by all your accounts.

Our sales reporting tools don’t just evaluate brand performance, it also details which samplers are stronger tasters in wine v. spirits and gauge their success against the broader landscape of the market. We relay this information out to the team to emphasize performance standards and goals, which translates to greater awareness of client expectations and ultimately increased sales.

STiLETTO is now licensed by other agencies throughout the country, who are committed to providing insightful metrics to clients and who are committed to ensuring their CEs are being held accountable to performance standards.

Excellence on a National Scale

Brand Builders is a founding member of The Association of Beverage Marketing Professionals – a first-of-its-kind association in support of elite marketing companies like Brand Builders. The goal of The-BMP is to establish best practices throughout the United States, so suppliers and distributors recognize the members of The-BMP as the go-to agencies in their respective markets. Members of The-BMP are committed to the highest quality standards for event execution, talent recruitment, and technological advancement of the programming and marketing of the beer, wine and spirits industry. This Association is a cooperative of empowered business owners who are transcending the marketplace.

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