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Maryland, DC, and Virginia’s Top Agency

Event marketing is part art, but it’s a lot of science. We apply very real precision to our execution and then measure the effectiveness and sales results of our staff. We emphasize brand and category knowledge, affording a variety of professional development opportunities. 


Cutting-Edge Reporting

We emphasize brand and category knowledge, affording a variety of professional development opportunities.

We Have YOU in Mind

Brand Builders approaches the relationship with our clients in a very unique way: WE THINK LIKE A SUPPLIER (because Shannon Roberts used to be one), and we hold our fiduciary responsibilities top of mind.

Coverage Across the Region

From the Atlantic to the Allegheny Mountains as well as up and down the I-95 corridor and. every beltway in between. We are staffed and ready to execute.

Experience Counts

Look at Our Numbers!

You have choices when it comes to promoting your brands. At the end of the day, what matters most is results. Our team has been focused on being the best in the market from day one. It’s what makes us different, and it separates us from the competition.

Over 300 Talented Contractors

We Started Kicking

Over 3k Thrilled Accounts

Events...and Counting!

Partner Mindset and Creative Ideas

Proactive Preparation

Brand Builders management will engage in pre-event meetings, offer sound and innovative approaches to event execution, and participate in pre-event walk thrus. We will set up; we will tear down. Oh, and we are great at creating award-winning special event displays

Photos of Every Event

Our team exceeds expectations when we deliver event photos: table displays, shelf placement, case stackings. What else do you want to see? We’ll ensure the event captures the attention of your brand teams and generates a “job well done” response!